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The Gentlemen of the Jungle by Jomo Kenyatta

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The Gentlemen of the Jungle – by Jomo Kenyatta () AN AFRICAN VIEW OF EUROPEAN EXPANSION In the late nineteenth century the chief European powers divided Africa among themselves. “The Gentlemen of the Jungle” by Jomo Kenyatta tells the story of a man living in his hut in the jungle who is approached by his friend, the Elephant, during a rainstorm, who asks for shelter for its trump.

Gentlemen of the Jungle, the fable he penned during the early s, was an illuminating insight into the indignities endured by the victims of European colonialism. While the Kikuyu tribal lands. The main themes of the short story “The Gentlemen of the Jungle” by Jomo Kenyatta are that of colonialism and racism and discrimination, which are emphasised through motifs like corruption and deceit.

The Gentlemen of the Jungle was written by Jomo Kenyatta.

Main characters in the fable include a man, an elephant, a lion, a buffalo, an alligator, a rhinoceros, a leopard, a hyena, and a fox. The characters represent the occupiers of the horn of Africa while under British colonial rule. Gentlemen of the Jungle, by Jomo Kenyatta - The story takes place in a kenyan jungle - The story has no set time - Culture, the jungle is run by the lion and his imperial commision including the, elephant, rhinoceros, buffalo, aligator, fox and leapord.

The Gentlemen of the Jungle by Jomo Kenyatta Gentlemen jungle
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