An overview of the irish potato famine in 19th century

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The Irish Famine – a summary

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Great Famine (Ireland)

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Irish Potato Famine

The Irish Famine as Represented in Nineteenth-Century Literature ByIreland had become familiar with the unreliability of their staple crop—they had suffered through intermittent potato.

This year's exhibition in Dublin will have a unique Famine era artefact on display.

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This original 19th century coffin carrier played a vital role during the Irish Potato Famine. The body of a person who died in the workhouse was placed in a coffin and brought to their final resting place on the coffin carrier. The Irish Potato Famine - Ireland's great 19th century disaster.

The Irish Potato Famine is one of the great sad events of the 19th century. It lasted from though its effects were felt for much longer. During that time of the potato famine Ireland lost more than a quarter of its population.

The Irish Potato Famine - Ireland's great 19th century disaster

The potato blight would return to Europe in although by that point the labourers of Ireland had in the Legacy of the Great Irish Famine, begun the "Land War", described as one of the largest agrarian movements to take place in 19th-century Europe.

By the mid 19th century, the Irish populace depended for its physical survival on the success of the potato crop: other food crops (grain, barley, corn) were, for the most part, exported to England.

Byfor 1/3 to 1/2 of the Irish the potato was the sole source of food. [46]. This quick read details Ireland's potato famine in the midth century. The book follows chronologically, discussing the political climate prior to the famine, through the years of mass starvationand post-famine consequences/5.

An overview of the irish potato famine in 19th century
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Irish Potato Famine - HISTORY