An overview of the infamous klinefelter syndrome

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Mathew: How the Diagnosis of an Extra X Chromosome Helped Mathew Find Himself

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Klinefelter's syndrome occurs relatively frequently, being diagnosed for one in male infants, yet it is probably very rare that it is recognized early enough to make effective treatment possible.

Klinefelter Syndrome - What To Expect, How To Respond? Wolfram E. Nolten, M.D. F.A.C.P., University of Wisconsin Medical School. Dr. Nolten gives a broad. Summary: We report 2 cases of intraspinal germinoma associated with Klinefelter syndrome.

In one patient, spinal cord atrophy was observed at the upper and lower ends of the intraspinal tumor. Brain atrophy was observed in both cases. Germinoma should be included in the differential diagnosis if an.

User Reviews for Testosterone systemic.

Turner Syndrome

Reviews for Testosterone to treat Klinefelter Syndrome "I've taken testosterone in various different forms since I was 18, and the worst form was the implants as my body rejected them, twice, so I gave up on that method.

Daily news summary. Weekly news roundup. Monthly newsletter. Email Address. Transitioning to Adulthood is a series of booklets prepared by Renee Beauregard of the XXYY Project.

This is an excellent summary of steps that parents/guardians of young adults with developmental disabilities must consider in preparing for their entry into the adult world of. KLINEFELTER SYNDROME (KS) is a sex chromosomal syndrome in males with an extra X chromosome (47,XXY), but additional X chromosomes (48 or more chromosomes) can be present as well as mosaicism (47,XXY/46,XY).

An overview of the infamous klinefelter syndrome
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