An overview of the immigration and americas future

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Airport Overview

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The Future of the Global Muslim Population

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Population history of indigenous peoples of the Americas

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Capital punishment by country

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Nearly two-thirds of Christians in the Americas (65%) are Catholic. Protestants make up a third of all Christians (33%) in the region. About 2% of the region’s Christians fall into the other Christian category, and less than 1% are Orthodox Christians. A new Pew Forum report on the size, distribution and growth of the global Muslim population finds that the world’s Muslim population is expected to increase by about 35% in the next 20 years, but it is expected to grow at a slower pace in the next two decades than it did in the previous two decades.

refocuses legal immigration on skills needed in the u.s. securing america’s future act | secures our. The first inhabitants migrated into the Americas from Asia. Habitation sites are known in Alaska and the Yukon from at least 20, years ago, with suggested ages of up to 40, years.

Beyond that, the specifics of the Paleo-Indian migration to and throughout the Americas, including the dates and routes traveled, are subject to ongoing research and discussion. Portugal, officially called the Portuguese Republic, is the westernmost country of continental Europe. It is bordered on the east and north by Spain, with which it shares the Iberian Peninsula, and on the west and south by the Atlantic Ocean.

Global Christianity - A Report on the Size and Distribution of the World’s Christian Population

Aliyah is an important Jewish cultural concept and a fundamental component of is enshrined in Israel's Law of Return, which accords any Jew (deemed as such by halakha and/or Israeli secular law) and eligible non-Jews (a child and a grandchild of a Jew, the spouse of a Jew, the spouse of a child of a Jew and the spouse of a grandchild of a Jew), the legal right to assisted.

An overview of the immigration and americas future
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Regional Distribution of Christians | Pew Research Center