An overview of the global climate change

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Overview of Climate Change Science

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An overview of the greenhouse effect and other contributors to abrupt climate change.

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Graphic: Global warming from to A visualization of global temperature. Global Climate Change: Overview Global climate change is a change in the long-term weather patterns that characterize the regions of the world. The term "weather" refers to the short-term (daily) changes in temperature, wind, and/or precipitation of a region (Merritts et al.

). Weather is influenced by the sun. An overview of the greenhouse effect and other contributors to abrupt climate change.

Graphic: Global warming from to A visualization of global temperature changes since based on NASA GISS data. Overview U.S. Global Change Research Program 2 Introduction Earth’s climate is now changing fast- er than at any point in the history of modern civilization, primarily as a result of human activities.

Oct 02,  · Climate change is a fundamental threat to sustainable development and the fight against poverty. The World Bank Group is concerned that without bold action now, the warming planet threatens to put prosperity out of reach of millions and roll back decades of development.

Global climate change is a major threat to coral reefs (Phinney et al., and references therein), with reefs already exhibiting climate warming effects in terms of coral bleaching due to zooxanthellae expulsion (Brown, ; Hughes et al., ).

An overview of the global climate change
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Global Climate Change