An overview of the flash flooding in texas

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Flash Flooding Expected to Continue Through Today in South Texas

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National Climate Report - May 2018

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September 29-30, 2012: Heavy Rainfall & Flash Flooding in East Texas

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Historic Hurricane Harvey's Recap

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Houston's Bush Intercontinental Certain crushed its record-wettest calendar day Even by over 5 inches, picking up. The flooding events were a devastating blow to many Texas communities still trying to recover from the impact of flooding from The continuous rainfall on saturated ground created excessive downstream flooding and record-breaking crests destroying agricultural areas and homes.

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California Wildfires. The California wildfire season is one of the most destructive on record in the state of California. Thousands of homes and buildings destroyed, multiple deaths have been confirmed and large-scale, mandatory evacuations are in place for multiple impacted communities.

Nov 07,  · For May, the average contiguous U.S. temperature was record warm at °F, °F above the 20 th century average. This surpassed the previous May record of °F set in Above-average May temperatures stretched from coast to coast.

While the destructive force of flash flooding is a regular occurrence in the state and has caused a tremendous amount of damage and heartache over the years, no one until now has recorded in a single book the history of flash floods in Texas.5/5(1).

An overview of the flash flooding in texas
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