An overview of the ardaks company of plastic production

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Toxicity of plastics

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Plastic packaging industry is moving towards completely bio-based products

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Hangzhou Bright Rubber Plastic Product Co., Ltd. Was established in It is located in hangzhou city, zhejiang Provice, China.

Plastic Products Manufacturers

Our company is engaged in manufacture Rubber and plastic parts. The economy of Ohio nominally would be the 25th-largest global economy behind Sweden and ahead of Nigeria Ohio ranks 1st of all 50 states in rubber and plastics production, producing around $ billion of rubber and The company employs 3, residents alone just in the Cleveland-area.

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Plastic Gear Market

The basic information about A.S. Plastic Toys Co., Ltd. Beside biodegradable resin, PMP also supply products made from biodegradable resin such as bags (T-shirt bags, garbage bags, roll bags for food containing, etc.), disposable knives/ spoons/ forks, bottle caps, etc.

PMP's biodegradable plastic resin are compounded from renewable source (starch, cellulose, etc.) and pure plastic resins or biopolymers.

The basic information about Shenzhen Yongliantai Plastic Bag Co., Ltd. ingdao Sanhong Plastic Co., Ltd. is located in north of the port city, Qingdao of China and was established in Total investment is 24 million and covers an .

An overview of the ardaks company of plastic production
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